The old fashioned thing Goldie's DIDN'T want to do to their staff

The old fashioned thing Goldie's DIDN'T want to do to their staff

The hospitality staffing crisis 

Have you noticed that cafes and restaurants are not open as much as they used to be? This is because they can't find enough staff to open to capacity. Do you see all the job ads all over social media? There is a major staffing crisis in the hospitality industry brought on by the impacts of COVID, if you'd like to learn more about this, you can read about it in our blog here.

Teenagers: do they learn from being yelled at?

Georgie and James hired an army of Superstar Juniors, for most of them it was their first job, and set out to train them across all facets of the industry- not just the typical junior jobs of dishes, polishing cutlery and taking out the bins! Georgie and James knew that traditionally most juniors get thrown in the deep end of a busy breakfast or lunch service and there is a 'sink or swim' mentality in the training process. They also remembered their own experiences of being yelled at by chefs and managers and had witnessed many (many!) team mates being reduced to tears by people in positions of authority. This was NOT how Georgie and James wanted to lead their team, so they vowed to do things differently.

The fear of dropping a tray of glasses

It can be so intimidating to learn the art of carrying 3 plates and the skill of carrying a tray full of glasses in a busy cafe, where it seems kids and dogs are just there to try and trip you up! So Georgie held Masterclasses for the new Superstar Juniors on afternoons when Goldie's was closed. Away from the customers and the pressure of service, the juniors were able to learn in a supportive and nurturing environment that fostered confidence and happiness rather than a terror of dropping glasses (it has happened to everyone, and it's still so embarrassing!!). The juniors were getting really good at their new found skills before they were set loose in the cafe. Their once wobbly arms got stronger and the nervous looks on their faces, replaced with smiles.

A Masterclass in customer service

On top of the physical aspects to the role (carrying plates, clearing tables etc) it is also so important that the juniors learn how to communicate with the customers and with their team mates. For some people this comes naturally, fo others it doesn't so Georgie ran a masterclass in customer service and had the juniors role play to get everyone on the same page and more confident. These are some of the areas they worked on:

  • How to greet a customer
  • The importance of saying goodbye and thank you 
  • Practice responding to common questions
  • How to respond if asked question you don't know the answer to
  • Learning to 'read' a table to anticipate what they might need

Strong and happy team at Goldie's

It was so encouraging to see the juniors coming out of their shells and reiterated to Georgie and James that they were going to see better results from a team who was supported to learn in a nurturing environment. And by building a strong, confident and happy team, their team would likely stay with them longer, which will benefit Goldie's enormously during this challenging period in the hospitality industry.

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